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Anybody can claim to be a big boss and do big things on Facebook or twitter but how many are willing to DO the WORK required to be successful? I’ll wait….

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Don’t Try to Impress Just Be Impressive!

What type of standards do you have for your life?  How do you like to present yourself?  What do you like to wear?  How do you do your hair?  Is your house/apartment/room clean?  What about your car?  What type of career do you want?  Are you happy with it?  Are you in shape?  How do you eat?  How are your kids?  How’s your social life?

There is a reason why I ask these questions.  Lately I look around and I see people bending over backwards to try and impress other people.  They want to have the appearance of having high standards.  We dress all nice when we go out so that people can look at us and be impressed with what they see.  When we have company come over we clean our house to the tee.  I love it when I go visit someone and you can see the vacuum cleaner lines in the carpet lol.  In general we put our best foot forward because we want to look good for others.  On the surface this appears to be a noble cause.  It’s always good to make sure we give people a pleasant experience when they encounter us.  I get that.  What about when nobody is around.

Don’t YOU deserve to have a clean house?  Why should YOU have to ride around in a nasty car?  Why wouldn’t you want to look your best ALL the time?  There is nothing as funny as seeing someone with a very nice profile picture but you know they look nothing like that in real life! We often go through this cycle of living life to please others.  You know at work when the boss comes around we are going to really be on point with our job.  We are going to have our work space clean and generally give our nest effort.  I used to work at several jobs where there was some big alarm that went off whenever a big boss was in the house.  My managers and supervisors would go around reminding everybody to straighten up and be their best.  As I look back on it I now think that’s just terrible management.  Why not be on point ALL the time simply because that’s where your personal standards are!

I believe that excellence is a character trait.  You are either excellent or you’re not.  Doing your best sometimes is not sometime excellence, its mediocrity in my opinion.  You can’t turn a switch on or off whenever you want! Being mediocre leads to an average and miserable life in my opinion.  Who wants that?  I certainly don’t!

I challenge every one of you to make excellence a habit.  You don’t need a reason to look good, be clean, or give your best.  Stop trying to impress people, just BE IMPRESSIVE! Develop a standard of excellence that you refuse to compromise for anyone or anything!  Give your best effort no matter what you do.  At work, go hard as if it’s the last job you’ll ever have.  DO these things and watch how your life changes for the better over time!


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We’re blessed to wake

Let’s create our own fate

Rise up and make things happen

Our destiny awaits!


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Not always about how you start but more important how you FINISH. Let’s end the week STRONG!!!

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Giving your dreams a chance….

Everyone dreams.  Deep down it’s there.  Growing up there is always something that kid’s dream of doing.  Usually these dreams are astronomical.  Being some type of entertainer, professional athlete, doctor, or lawyer all seem like great and very realistic options for you people growing up.  Then life happens.

See, children don’t know any limitations.  Dreams seem realistic for them because they have not been conditioned to think that they can’t do something.  Anything is impossible to them.  You ever heard the term “childlike faith”?  Meaning that a child does not doubt at all so why doubt?  As parents it’s a good idea to build upon this way of thinking in our children by agreeing with them that they can do anything that they put their mind to.  Often the opposite occurs and many parents claiming that they don’t want to get their kids’ hopes up.  They want to be “real” with their kids by lowering their expectations.  For many, they are disappointed and unhappy about their own life being a disappointment so they subconsciously are threatened by their kids’ potential.  Terrible I know.

We are trained to settle, mainly based off of examples that we see from others.  We see others fulfilling their dreams and in the back of our mind we think “what if”.  This leads to feeling of insecurity and inferiority.

Why live your life thinking what if?

Here’s the thing.  We only get one life to live.  If we live a mediocre life and never pursue our dreams we would always think “what if”.  On the other hand if we give our dreams a chance what do we really have to lose?  People think they can’t afford to give the time and energy to their dreams.  I say you can’t afford not to.  People say they don’t want to struggle yet most of us struggle anyway! LOL I would rather struggle following my passion that to struggle doing something that I hate.  If things don’t work out you can always go back to doing what you’re doing now.  It’s time to stop being afraid and go for the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Develop a plan. 

Start in your spare time.  Do some soul searching and first decide what it is you want out of life.  What does it take to get there?  Think baby steps.

Don’t do anything drastic like quit your job.  Do what you have to do but begin to slowly work on your dreams.

Stay Consistent.  There is so much power in consistency.  If you’re really passionate about something, then you will look forward to doing it every day.

So what are you going to do?

Live your dreams.  What if you don’t accomplish everything?  If you follow your plan you will get much further and be more satisfied than if you did nothing… Think about it! 2012 is right around the corner!

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“It’s Monday Fam! Out-work these fools. Out-hustle these fools. Out-grind these fools. OUT-SHINE these fools!!!”

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FAM! Welcome to BrianOnrea.com.  I’m Brian Onrea.

I’m purposely writing this first entry  to put out on a Monday.  People dread Mondays.  This is so prevalent that many people often can’t even enjoy a Sunday evening because they are sad that they have to go to “work” the next day.  This is a cycle that happens over and over again.  Week after week, month after month, and year after year.  Next thing you know, you’re dead and gone.

Props and congrats to those of us who love what we do and enjoy going to work every day.  For those of us that don’t enjoy what you do I encourage you to take time out this week and do some soul searching.  My philosophy is that life is way too short and we only get one to live so we ought to try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Our jobs and professions take up almost a third of our daily lives.  Let’s think about it.  With 8 hours of work and 8 hours of sleep, that leaves 8 hours of free time each day. Take out 3-5 hours to run errands, eat, take care of kids, etc. and that only leaves 3-5 hours of free time every day and many of us don’t even get that.  Imagine the time for those of us that work way more than 8 hours per day (not to mention transportation to and from work.  We deprive ourselves of sleep to get things done or we miss out on important things like family, etc.  This is sad especially when you do something that you know you don’t really don’t want do but are just doing it to get by.  Robert Kiyosaki Calls this the “rat race” in his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.  I can’t speak for you but I feel like there has to be a different way to live my life you know?

I’m working on a few writings about how to go about living your dreams.  I obviously haven’t mastered this subject yet but I’m confident that I’m well on my way.  In the meantime I want to encourage those that I’m lucky to be in contact with to keep their heads up.  If you’re reading this then I’m talking to YOU!

So as I stated earlier take some time this week to think about what you would really like to do with your life and what it would take to get there.  IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE!!!

More on this later.

Enjoy your week Fam!

Brian Onrea

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