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Anybody can claim to be a big boss and do big things on Facebook or twitter but how many are willing to DO the WORK required to be successful? I’ll wait….

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Finding Your Motivation

What is the idea behind motivation?  What does it mean to motivate?  The dictionary says motivate means to provide one with a motive.  We know that a motive is a reason.  What causes a person to act?  Simply put: what will it take to make us do the things that we know we need to do?

Fam please understand that fulfilling our dreams and goals is not an optional endeavor.  We must discover what’s been placed in our hearts and make it happen! No excuses are acceptable.  Remember if it can be done than you can do it!  The only question is; are we willing to put in the work and show the dedication to see your goals materialize.  This is where motivation comes in.  The average person doesn’t possess the will to go that extra mile.  You know the term, if it was easy everyone would do it?  Yeah that’s applicable here.  I believe everyone wants to fulfill their dreams but not everyone has that burning desire to do so.  Burning desire turns into action.  Every now and then however, laziness creeps in. When this happens we need motivation, a “motive”, a reason to do what we need to do.

We have to do some souls searching fam.  We must first take a stand and realize just who we are and what we want out of life.  Once we find out what we want we must spend time visualizing ourselves having the things and living the life that we desire.  THIS SHOULD MOTIVATE YOU.  The key is to connect with your desires however you need to on a daily basis so that you can stay motivated.  Some of us are visual and seeing images helps. For other listening to certain music helps.  Actually you can find motivation in anything.  Watching movies can motivate. Going to a sporting event can.  Going for a walk, seeing nature, etc.  You have to find what motivates you.  What is it that will cause you to act?


For me I like to study successful people.  There are lots of goals and dreams floating around in my head.  I like to find the people who have achieved the highest level of success in each field and soak in their stories.  For example if you want to be an attorney do some research, find the top lawyers and read everything you can about them.  Watch their trials etc.  If they can be successful so can YOU.

Once you find your motivation, you must get lots of it.  Every day.  Often you need it multiple times per day.  It’s sort of like taking your medicine.  Having this dose of motivation is crucial.

Now first you have to FIND it.  Get busy fam!

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Back on the grind

What we sow is what we reap

We gotta catch up

Cause success never sleeps!

Mornin Fam!

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