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Poetry: Turn For The Worse

Turn For The Worse

There are some who are true

But most are false

Time reveals who’s who

But it comes with a cost


Emotions can grow stronger

It’s more crucial each day

I thought this would last longer

Now I’m left in disarray


But thats the risk you take

When you leave your heart with no protection

There was way too much at stake

To allow love from our very inception


Things get better though

It’s just another lesson learned

One thing I’ll forever know

Heartbreak will always have it’s turn

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Morning Status 21

Good mornin. Rise n’ Grind.
Try to live your life honest.
Make it count today cause tomorrow isn’t promised!

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“Rise n’ Grind. First day of the week.
It’s goodwill to all people and success we seek.
Keeping in mind that today is unique.
We’re careful of our actions and the words we speak”

Let’s have a great week fam!

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“Blessed to see another day, there’s no time to lose
Time to meet more goals, and find new ways to improve”

Mornin Fam!

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We’re blessed to wake

Let’s create our own fate

Rise up and make things happen

Our destiny awaits!


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“Another day to make a difference, so I better take advantage
Another day to help people who are struggling and cannot manage
Another chance to save my brothers and sisters, and catch them when they’re falling
Yep just another amazing day that I’m blessed to see
I’m here to fulfill my calling”


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“Today is a day we’ve never seen
And our lives have a story to tell
So find out what you we put here to do
Then DO IT and do it WELL!”

-Mornin Fam!

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“Positivity Always Wins.
The high road I recommend.
So adjust your attitude and let the good life begin!”

Mornin Fam!

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Morning Status 9

“I wake up to live another day

Although many didn’t get to see it

So no matter what comes my way

I will NEVER be defeated

Success is on my agenda

Somehow I know I will win

I give my all on this day

‘Cause once it’s over I’ll NEVER see it again”


Let’s make it count Fam!!!!!

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Morning Status 8

Rise n’ Grind!

Don’t Fall Behind!

You Better Get Yours, ‘Cause I’m Definitely Gettin’ Mine!!!

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