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No matter where you go or who you’re around, you’ll never go wrong just being YOURSELF!

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Its not about how big the dream is but how bad you want it.  How hard will you work for it?

Mornin Fam!!!

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Morning Status 9

“I wake up to live another day

Although many didn’t get to see it

So no matter what comes my way

I will NEVER be defeated

Success is on my agenda

Somehow I know I will win

I give my all on this day

‘Cause once it’s over I’ll NEVER see it again”


Let’s make it count Fam!!!!!

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Morning Status 1

“Another day we get to see, Yeah we’re blessed

Another Day to make a difference and to make progress

So we go hard in the paint, like Shaquille O’Neal

And let the fake be fake, and the real be REAL”

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