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Best Hip Hop Albums of 2011

For the month of December we are going to be looking at my favorite 30 Hip Hop Cd’s that were released this year.  This is going to be in no particular order and of course I’m not including December releases.  I’m interested in hearing your thoughts….

Remember this is in no particular order although I’m going to try and save the best releases for the end.

Ok First up

Styles P – Master of Ceremonies

This CD dropped on October 4th.  Styles P is one third of one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time, The Lox (Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P).  I love the Lox because they are some of the best lyricists to ever do it.  I always enjoy their CD’s and mix tapes, both the group and solo efforts.  Hopefully we can get another official Lox Album in my lifetime!! Ha!

In the meantime they continue to put out solid solo efforts.  Master of Ceremonies is no exception.  If anybody follows Styles P’s career or even follow him on twitter (@therealstylesp) knows that he is generally a positive dude.  He is a perfect example of how you don’t have to be “soft” to be positive.   Now this CD is laid back for the most part with chill beats and ill flows.

The intro song is one of my favs How I fly.  First of all, one of my all-time fav producers, Warren G produced the song.  I’m surprised to see him on here but it works.  The beat is smooth and addicting.  It’s very laid back.  Avery Storm comes in perfect with the hook.  Now I’m going to be honest.  Styles is talking about smoking weed lol.  That’s the whole point of the song.  While I don’t smoke at all I still am motivated by this song.  I don’t smoke weed but I still fly high.  Everyday baby!!!!!

My favorite song on the CD is Harsh with Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes.  They talk about dealing with people and situations harshly when things get out of line.  The point is highlighting success and not playing games.  Very motivational.  On top of that the beat is just HARD! All three MC’s bring their A-game on this track.  I wish this song would have got promoted better.  They made a cool video for it though (see below).  Rick Ross’ entire verse is a quotable!  Check out this video (instant classic here)

Another cool song with motivational value is Its OK with Jadakiss.  Here they do their classic back and forth rapping.  They have been doing this for years and its perfect here.  They are basically using their doubters as motivation.  Check the chorus:

“Niggas talk shit about us – but it’s ok!

Game ain’t shit without us – but it’s ok!

No, you can’t live without us – it’s ok!

But go ahead, you can doubt us – it’s ok!”

Nice.  No matter what comes against me IT’S OK!!!!  We still win!  I love it. This is probably the song with the highest motivational value on the entire CD.

All in all this is a dope CD.  One of the best of 2011.  Go pick it up.  Click the link below or go to iTunes.


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