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Mornin Fam! Sometimes it seems the only thing we are consistent at is being inconsistent! Its never too late to make that change though. We got this!!!

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Mornin’ Fam! Consistency matters the most! If it were easy, everyone would do it… Let’s Go!!!!

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Giving your dreams a chance….

Everyone dreams.  Deep down it’s there.  Growing up there is always something that kid’s dream of doing.  Usually these dreams are astronomical.  Being some type of entertainer, professional athlete, doctor, or lawyer all seem like great and very realistic options for you people growing up.  Then life happens.

See, children don’t know any limitations.  Dreams seem realistic for them because they have not been conditioned to think that they can’t do something.  Anything is impossible to them.  You ever heard the term “childlike faith”?  Meaning that a child does not doubt at all so why doubt?  As parents it’s a good idea to build upon this way of thinking in our children by agreeing with them that they can do anything that they put their mind to.  Often the opposite occurs and many parents claiming that they don’t want to get their kids’ hopes up.  They want to be “real” with their kids by lowering their expectations.  For many, they are disappointed and unhappy about their own life being a disappointment so they subconsciously are threatened by their kids’ potential.  Terrible I know.

We are trained to settle, mainly based off of examples that we see from others.  We see others fulfilling their dreams and in the back of our mind we think “what if”.  This leads to feeling of insecurity and inferiority.

Why live your life thinking what if?

Here’s the thing.  We only get one life to live.  If we live a mediocre life and never pursue our dreams we would always think “what if”.  On the other hand if we give our dreams a chance what do we really have to lose?  People think they can’t afford to give the time and energy to their dreams.  I say you can’t afford not to.  People say they don’t want to struggle yet most of us struggle anyway! LOL I would rather struggle following my passion that to struggle doing something that I hate.  If things don’t work out you can always go back to doing what you’re doing now.  It’s time to stop being afraid and go for the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

Develop a plan. 

Start in your spare time.  Do some soul searching and first decide what it is you want out of life.  What does it take to get there?  Think baby steps.

Don’t do anything drastic like quit your job.  Do what you have to do but begin to slowly work on your dreams.

Stay Consistent.  There is so much power in consistency.  If you’re really passionate about something, then you will look forward to doing it every day.

So what are you going to do?

Live your dreams.  What if you don’t accomplish everything?  If you follow your plan you will get much further and be more satisfied than if you did nothing… Think about it! 2012 is right around the corner!

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