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I wrote this a couple years ago for the old blog but I feel its appropriate to post here as we start the new year.  The goal is to encourage people to change.  Are you tired of trying over and over again and still getting nowhere?  Let’s follow these steps to change.


Time to Change Your Life

 Are you satisfied with your life? Do you want to change some things for the better? We all have areas of our lives that we want to improve (including myself). This is the time of year that most people set out goals, New Year’s resolutions, etc. with the hope of making their quality of life better. Have you ever set out to do something for yourself but didn’t accomplish your goal? How did it make you feel? Not so good I’m sure. You know many of us have set out to do things on January 1st and we have already slipped up, fallen off of the wagon, jumped out the boat and/or flat out quit altogether. DON’T GIVE UP!!! The great thing about life is that while you can’t change your past, you can always change your future. Let this be the year that things do CHANGE! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!
Here are 4 simple steps to making positive change this year!!!!!1. Know where you are (be honest). We have to take a deep look in the mirror and analyze our situation that we want to change. For example if you want to lose weight you need to step on a scale to see what the damage already is lol. Many of us are scared to “step on the scale” so to speak because we don’t want to see where we are. It can be depressing sometimes, I admit but you must be honest with yourself and embrace the truth. Don’t go another year living in fantasyland, pretending that everything is ok and ignoring the issue. FACE THE GIANT HEAD ON!!!! If you have a clear, specific, idea on where you are you can successfully go to step 2.

2. Know where you want to be (set specific goals). This is where you look deep into your heart and find out exactly what you want. Don’t hold back. You have an imagination for a reason. Dream big. You may set goals that take more than a year(s). Some dreams may take a lifetime to fulfill. Write them down and believe that it is possible. I talk to people all the time that have beautiful dreams to make a better life for themselves but refuse to give them much thought because they believe that they are impossible to accomplish. Someone once told me that if you aim for nothing, you will get just that! Don’t aim for nothing but dream BIG. Set long term AND short term goals.

3. Know how you are going to get there (develop a plan and baby steps). Now that you have long and short term goals you can began to draw a plan or a map to get you from where you are in step 1 to where want to be in step 2. Your plan will consist of lots of small steps or “victories” so to speak. Let’s say you never graduated high school but you have a goal to be a CEO of a fortune 500 company. Small steps would include obtaining your high school diploma/G.E.D., get a college degree, obtain some relevant work experience, etc. Each of these steps may have a whole set of steps themselves. Write down every step and draw a map. Put it on a big poster board and make it look good. You have to keep your “vision” before your eyes… This leads to step 4.

4. Know what motivates you. Each of us gets excited by different things. Certain images, music, movies, people, and other things have the ability to make us smile and feel like we can do anything. Sometimes negative memories or people that hurt us motivate us because it makes us want to overcome despite what has happened. Whatever the case you must know your motivation and use it to your advantage. Music, images and people motivate me. I have certain “theme” songs to life that I listen to everyday. I love people’s success stories so I try to read autobiographies of successful people on a regular basis. Whatever your motivation is you must know it and get lots of it. I say this because life can get hard and some of our goals will be hard (they should be hard as we should constantly be challenging ourselves to go to the next level). When life gets hard we need extra “juice” to push us forward. This is our motivation. As you press towards your goals I want to leave you with this important concept. STAY MOTIVATED!!!!!

I hope this helps everyone reach higher!!!!!!

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Morning Status 6

Woke up with success on my mind and motivation in my heart.

If we want to change our world, today is where we start!!

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