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Anybody can claim to be a big boss and do big things on Facebook or twitter but how many are willing to DO the WORK required to be successful? I’ll wait….

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NEVER forget who we are and what we stand for…. NO compromising allowed.

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The difference between the winners and losers is simple. The winners don’t quit until they WIN!


The time and energy it takes to think of and say something negative about someone could be used to better your own life.  Look in the mirror and think about that for a minute.

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An important key to happiness is remembering what’s important and spreading your energy accordingly.   Remember FAMILY comes before anyone or anything!

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Nas – Life is Good – Motivational Review

Great beats, great rhymes, good messages = the formula for a GREAT CD


I feel like Nas laid it all on the line with this CD… The title alone “Life is Good” is motivational. I always say Life is Good don’t let anybody tell you any different.  This CD is honest, introspective, and inspirational.  Many (including me) felt that Nas was past his prime lyrically.  Yep I was completely wrong!  On LIG he is as sharp as he ever was.

The thing is when I do reviews I try to find motivational nuggets on a CD and highlight those.  Typically you only have a couple of songs if that unless you’re reviewing a gospel/Christian project.  With LIG there are so many good ones.

On the song no introduction he talks about his life, his marriage and his mistakes…

Accident Murderers is where he talks about people innocent victims of violence by cowards.  Production is excellent.

Daughters is just an honest song from a father who obviously loves his child but admits he is not perfect.

Summer on Smash is a feel good song about the joys of summer.  Good summer song.

Nas’ song with Amy Winehouse, Cherry Wine is special.  Listening to how great this song sounds kind of makes you sad that she had to leave us.  Good song that inspires us to find our true soul mates.

Bye Baby is inspirational only for the fact that Nas is transparent and honest.  He chronicles his marriage to Kelis.  He does it in a very positive way…

Overall I think this will go down as one of Nas’ best releases.  Life is good can be found on iTunes, amazon (see link below).  I copped the deluxe edition at best buy.


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No matter where you go or who you’re around, you’ll never go wrong just being YOURSELF!

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When was the last time you chased a dream?

Today is the day.

Now is the time!

Real Is As Real Does

It’s not about what you SAY you are, but what you SHOW yourself to be!

What movie is this from?

Talking big is one thing but actually proving what you say is true is a completely different matter.  In my experience I’ve found that the average person likes to talk about themselves.  There is nothing wrong with this to some degree.  There is a degree of self-confidence that we all need to have and talking about ourselves sometimes is healthy in that it reaffirms how we feel about ourselves (and we should DEFINITELTY feel good about ourselves).

What I find disturbing however is when people get over into bragging.  I don’t like bragging.  I prefer the more humble approach to life.  First of all whatever you are bragging about should be evident right?  I mean if you look so fly we should be able to look at you and tell right?  If your kids are so awesome we should see it.  In fact if you have it so good, shouldn’t we be telling you and complementing you?  Not to be super spiritual or anything but there is a scripture about this in the bible.

Proverbs 27:2

Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth;

A stranger, and not your own lips.

That’s a good rule to live by in my opinion.  When we brag about ourselves and who we are all we do is create pressure to live up to what we claim.  Some people like this pressure but the way I see it, we have enough pressure from just life itself so why add more?

Others like to put people down to make themselves feel better so they brag about things that they know the next person can’t say about themselves.  To me this is also lame.  If you have to put someone else down to make yourself feel better then you obviously don’t feel too good about yourself to begin with.

The way I look at it, people who constantly brag are really trying to convince us that they are something.  If you’re sure about who you are then you don’t have to convince anyone of anything.  Again everyone can see who you are so the constant bragging and proclaiming really isn’t necessary.

What do your actions speak?

No matter what you have to say out of your mouth your lifestyle and corresponding actions tell the true story.  Again most of the time when people make it a point to say they are something, they probably are far from it.  The best way I can explain this is to do a simple social networking exercise.  Go to your Facebook or twitter page and look at the screen names of your friends/followers.  Notice how many people use the word “real”, “realest”, “ride or die” etc. in their screen name.  You’re probably laughing now because we all know that those are usually the fakest people around! If you’re so real we will notice.  No need to remind or convince us!

In time, the true character of a person will be revealed.  If you’re a good person we will all see that.  There is no need to put on a front for other people in order to impress anyone.  Just wake up every day and be the best that you can be.  In time, others will be singing your praises for the great person that you are and if not, who cares?


By the way what movie is the above picture from?

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It’s Been A Long 5 Months!

Yes it has been a long 5 months since I last blogged.  A lot of nothing had been going on and I didn’t have the proper motivation to write.  Well that phase is over and I’m back for good.  My job is to motivate and inspire you to greatness and I’ll do that ’till the day that I die.  Let’s go!