Ok the month/year is almost over and we have many more CD’s to highlight as the best of 2011.  Remember these are in no particular order.  Let’s continue!

Kendrick Lamar – Section.80

Throughout 2011 I had been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding a new west coast rapper from Compton, California named Kendrick Lamar.  It seems like every hip hop blog was singing his praises.  Add to that a few big name endorsements (Dr. Dre, Drake, Game, etc.).  He released Section .80 and it doesn’t disappoint.  With much of the new stuff being released sounding the exact same section .80 definitely sets itself apart.  Kendrick has a smooth yet aggressive flow and mixes in with cool, laid back tracks on this CD.  Its definitely inspirational to see somebody come up with originality.  His subject matter isn’t too much different but the way that he delivers it is most definitely.

A few standout tracks are:

Hol’ Up/ADHD

These are just feel good tracks about living the life of a young person having fun.  The melodies that he uses are definitely addictive.

The Spiteful Chant / Blow My High

I put these two together because they are feel good songs about getting wack people out of our life so that we can move forward toward the success that awaits us.  Those of us who are determined to be successful can certainly relate to this.

Kush & Corinthians

This is another one that many of us can relate to.  Here Kendrick talks about the struggle between good and evil that we all go thru.  In some weird way it provides hope knowing that there are other people out there going thru the same type of contradiction.  Good stuff.

Overall Section 80 is inspiring stuff for music lovers.  Click the link below to purchase from amazon.


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