Get Started Now!!!

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” – Thomas Jefferson

Every year in January we hear about people and their goals for the year.  Losing weight, saving money, going back to school, etc….  Usually the last week of the year people start talking about what they want to do the in that next year.  With a little over a week left in the year I want to encourage everybody to start whatever it is TODAY! RIGHT NOW!

See there is something to be said about momentum and a sense of urgency.  How bad do you really want to achieve these goals?  Do you really want to have the life you deserve?  Well I say get started.  Procrastination is an evil, nasty thing that holds us back.  I once read somewhere (can’t remember where) that successful people get started on something as soon as they think of it.  Instead of saying yeah I’ll do that later, they just do it right away.  LISTEN; there will always be an excuse not to do something.  ALWAYS.  Lazy people love these excuses.  Because these excuses always exist some people go through their whole life never doing anything but struggle.  We all know people like this but let’s take a look in the mirror for a second… Are we becoming one of those people?  Time goes by no matter what and as they say it “waits for nobody”… So let’s just get started.

Another reason to get started today is because when the New Year does start you want to already be in your routine and have some sort of consistency established.  See it takes some time to establish new habits and get into a “groove”.  Well why take a few weeks in January when you can get busy right now?  Once the New Year starts you’re already late to the party!!!

So whatever you’re doing today take a second to write down what you want to accomplish next year and get busy.  Even if you technically can’t do it now you can still get started.  For example if you want to go back to school and school doesn’t start till next year you can still register now and start doing research.  That’s right, what subject do you want to study?  What type of classes?  Well go to the library and get started!  You may say school is hard enough and you will wait till class starts but do you want to be average or do you want to be great?

Life is short family!  It’s time to step it up and stop playing games with our success!


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4 thoughts on “Get Started Now!!!

  1. SegunAkiode says:

    Great conclusion – “Life is short family! It’s time to step it up and stop playing games with our success! START TODAY!!!!!”.

    So I’m off to get Started now! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. AngelaMarie says:

    I just changed the settings on my blog subscriptions so your great daily messages come to my inbox. You have an awesome attitude and energy to see good things happen. I enjoy reading and being inspired. Best to you!

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