Bad Meets Evil – Hell The Sequel

Rappers Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 teamed up to do this collaboration that was released on June 14th. Google Bad Meets Evil history to find out more about the compelling backstory of these two rap heavyweights from the city of Detroit.  To put it lightly many fans feel this CD was long overdue.

Hell the Sequel is technically an EP but it with the bonuses on the deluxe version you have 11 songs total so that’s basically a full cd to me (albeit a short one).  If you’re a fan of lyrical skill then this entire CD is a treat.  The back and forth that they display is arguably the best that you’re going to hear in hip hop.

Now you may be wondering how in the world can a group called Bad Meets Evil or a title called Hell The Sequel have any motivational value.  Fair question but the group name and title is just what hip hop is.  Its metaphorical.  The point is that they inspire by sheer lyrical supremacy and the underlying theme of working hard to be at the top of your craft.  Hell the Sequel inspires you to go hard at whatever you do similarly to the way Royce and Eminem go hard.  To this point the music speaks for itself.

There a couple songs like Fast Lane and Above The Law where they just rap hard and fast.  I particularly recommend Above The Law to get you pumped up when working out.  I listened to that while I ran many miles this past summer.

Of course unless you been vacationing on another planet you’ve already got familiar with the song Lighters with Bruno Mars.  The entire tone, music, and chorus all work together to make this song “big”.  They talk about where they came from to overcome adversity and get to the level of success that they’ve achieved.  This especially rings true for Royce.  If you know anything about his story you know that he and Eminem started in the rap game around the same time (remember I told you to Google the history of their relationship.)

Lastly Living Proof is definitely a motivational song about not giving up and persevering through adversity.

Good CD overall.  Click the link below to purchase.

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2 thoughts on “BEST HIP HOP ALBUMS OF 2011

  1. madeeha says:

    Loving this. Hell the Sequel is amazing. Right now it’s ‘Take from me’ playing on repeat in my Beats 😀 Thumbs up!

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