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The Game Purp and Patron (Parts 1 & 2)

2011 has been a busy year for rapper Game.  On January 24th he released the first of two free mixtapes.  Actually Purp and Patron is two mixtapes (Part 2 “The Hangover” was released like a week or so later) in and of itself.  All in all Purp and Patron has 29 songs!  What’s so motivational is that here you have a huge multi-platinum artist giving away so much free music.  These aren’t throwaway songs by the way.  The majority of these beats are original and not just him rapping over someone else’s track.  He also has a lot of interesting features that up until this point we haven’t heard paired with Game before (everyone from Ashanti to Wiz Khalifa).  The tape is hosted by DJ Skee and Funk Master Flex but I recommend getting the version with the DJ’s that’s out there.

The first song that I found motivational was History with Krs-One, Big Daddy Kane, and Doug E. Fresh.  The fact that he got all these guys on a brand new original track is historical and also reminds this new generation that hip hop has a rich history.  This song has passion.  I wish it would have got more attention but that’s why I’m writing about it now.  On the track everyone brings their A-Game.  Lyrically they all kill it and Doug E. Fresh Narrates it in a sense.  Good song to get pumped up to in the morning or start a workout.

I also got addicted to the song Supastar featuring Ashley Cole and Mike Epps.  This def my favorite song on the entire CD and probably one of my favorite songs all year.  The song starts off with a phone call from a woman that sounds like it’s probably Lil’ Kim.  In the song Game gets introspective and talks about his childhood which wasn’t so good.  He reflects on how he came from that to where he is today.  Its inspiring and what makes it even better is the smooth music and nice hook.  The beat is a sample from the classic O’ Jays song, Family Reunion.  Ashley Cole sings on the chorus and at the end we get some funny comedy at the end from Mike Epps.  You can tell this was recorded a while back cause his jokes were about events from a few years back.  Still funny though.  Just an overall fun and inspiring tack.

Another cool song that inspires is Ferrari Lifestyle with Fabolous.  This is another laidback song about living fast and chasing success.  Game and Fab go in on this one.  Nothing more needs to be said really.  This line from Fab sums up my feelings:

“Ferrari Lifestyle, that mean I’m living fast

on the road to riches you don’t slow down you give it gas”

Overall this Mixtape is great pick up that was somewhat slept on.  And most of all its FREE!  Click the link below to download.

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