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Positivity Always Wins Fam! Wishing everybody the best day ever! I love you all…

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Back on the grind

What we sow is what we reap

We gotta catch up

Cause success never sleeps!

Mornin Fam!

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Ok the month/year is almost over and we have many more CD’s to highlight as the best of 2011.  Remember these are in no particular order.  Let’s continue!

Kendrick Lamar – Section.80

Throughout 2011 I had been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding a new west coast rapper from Compton, California named Kendrick Lamar.  It seems like every hip hop blog was singing his praises.  Add to that a few big name endorsements (Dr. Dre, Drake, Game, etc.).  He released Section .80 and it doesn’t disappoint.  With much of the new stuff being released sounding the exact same section .80 definitely sets itself apart.  Kendrick has a smooth yet aggressive flow and mixes in with cool, laid back tracks on this CD.  Its definitely inspirational to see somebody come up with originality.  His subject matter isn’t too much different but the way that he delivers it is most definitely.

A few standout tracks are:

Hol’ Up/ADHD

These are just feel good tracks about living the life of a young person having fun.  The melodies that he uses are definitely addictive.

The Spiteful Chant / Blow My High

I put these two together because they are feel good songs about getting wack people out of our life so that we can move forward toward the success that awaits us.  Those of us who are determined to be successful can certainly relate to this.

Kush & Corinthians

This is another one that many of us can relate to.  Here Kendrick talks about the struggle between good and evil that we all go thru.  In some weird way it provides hope knowing that there are other people out there going thru the same type of contradiction.  Good stuff.

Overall Section 80 is inspiring stuff for music lovers.  Click the link below to purchase from amazon.



Set goals.  Make you plan.  Get it done.  STOP making excuses!

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Get Started Now!!!

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” – Thomas Jefferson

Every year in January we hear about people and their goals for the year.  Losing weight, saving money, going back to school, etc….  Usually the last week of the year people start talking about what they want to do the in that next year.  With a little over a week left in the year I want to encourage everybody to start whatever it is TODAY! RIGHT NOW!

See there is something to be said about momentum and a sense of urgency.  How bad do you really want to achieve these goals?  Do you really want to have the life you deserve?  Well I say get started.  Procrastination is an evil, nasty thing that holds us back.  I once read somewhere (can’t remember where) that successful people get started on something as soon as they think of it.  Instead of saying yeah I’ll do that later, they just do it right away.  LISTEN; there will always be an excuse not to do something.  ALWAYS.  Lazy people love these excuses.  Because these excuses always exist some people go through their whole life never doing anything but struggle.  We all know people like this but let’s take a look in the mirror for a second… Are we becoming one of those people?  Time goes by no matter what and as they say it “waits for nobody”… So let’s just get started.

Another reason to get started today is because when the New Year does start you want to already be in your routine and have some sort of consistency established.  See it takes some time to establish new habits and get into a “groove”.  Well why take a few weeks in January when you can get busy right now?  Once the New Year starts you’re already late to the party!!!

So whatever you’re doing today take a second to write down what you want to accomplish next year and get busy.  Even if you technically can’t do it now you can still get started.  For example if you want to go back to school and school doesn’t start till next year you can still register now and start doing research.  That’s right, what subject do you want to study?  What type of classes?  Well go to the library and get started!  You may say school is hard enough and you will wait till class starts but do you want to be average or do you want to be great?

Life is short family!  It’s time to step it up and stop playing games with our success!


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Rise and shine. Today is the day to get started on your goals for next year. NOT tomorrow!

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Morning Status 21

Good mornin. Rise n’ Grind.
Try to live your life honest.
Make it count today cause tomorrow isn’t promised!

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Good Mornin!

No matter how good or bad yesterday was…let TODAY be better!




I’ve taken about a week or so off so I’m going to be releasing multiple entries for the rest of the month.  Here are more of the best of the year. Remember these are listed in no particular order.

Tech N9ne – All 6’s and 7’s

Though Tech has released many hip hop albums over the years and is a legitimate hip hop veteran, this CD was sort of like his coming out party for the world.  He has been a huge underground artist with a huge following.  Somehow he had managed to fly under the radar.  He made big news in 2010 when Lil Wayne gave him a shout out on national radio saying that he wanted the work with Tech on his new CD.  All of a sudden everyone was checking for this guy.  Tech was very smart to take advantage of this buzz by putting out a great CD for the world hear.  He proclaims that he’s not going mainstream but rather he’s making the mainstream go “him”.  That in and of itself is inspiring given that he releases his music on his own Strange Music record label.  I love to follow successful entrepreneurs.  This independent release was in the top 10 record sales in the country the week it was released.  Simply put in 2011 Tech N9ne let it be known that he’s definitely a forced to be reckoned with in the game.  Overall this is a very solid CD.   Dude can rap his ass off, period.  There is no way that you can love good hip hop and not appreciate this cd.  At the very least this is a CD full of bangers for your car stereo!

One of top songs for motivational value is Worldwide Choppers.  This song is over 5 minutes long and features several guests including Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes among others.  They just go off! They basically are establishing their supremacy over the competition showing there fast rapping skills.  The chorus says it all…

“I’m light years

Ahead of my peers

Want some, you can come bring it right here

Can’t clown me

Don’t come ’round me

Bow down, I was crowned when they found me”

I Love Music is another one that motivates for obvious reasons.  Here he talks about his love and appreciation for music and what it’s done for him and his life.

Strangeland is another favorite off of here J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League is on the production and they are easily becoming one of my favorite production teams.  On this song he speaks about how he was often overlooked and is basically introducing himself to the world.  As stated earlier, his story in and of itself is very motivational.

Overall this is a CD you definitely want to have in your collection.  Click the link below to purchase.

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Good things may come to those who wait but the BEST things are rewarded to those who TAKE (not steal)!!!!

Go out and get YOURS today fam!!!

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