I wrote this a while back for my old blog.  Every now and then I will reset some of my best work from the last few years.

Why Wait?

Why wait to give your best?

Why wait to chase your dreams?

Why just sit and fail the test?

Why has your vision lost it’s steam?

Sometimes I sit and wonder

Should I really give my all?

When problems keep striking like thunder

I hold back ’cause I fear I may fall

But yet still I have to keep going

Cause success is not an option

Take hold of my future ’cause I’m knowing

That my destiny is not up for adoption!!!!

Yes I will win

Even if I dont know how

Let my domination begin

Starting RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Let’s Go!!!

What are you waiting for?

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One thought on “WHY WAIT?

  1. thaqueen says:

    This is amazing! Even more amazing its moments I’m going thru!

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