Music Reviews

Tuesday is the day that most new music is released.  The goal is to share good music that comes out here.

In sharing my music reviews I want to make clear that my goal with is to motivate people.  In doing so I want to only share things with you that will motivate and uplift you.   I am not a critic and I don’t see it as my duty to put down people and their art.  When I share reviews I like to point out pieces that I think will do your life some good.  I review music based on their motivational value.  If I don’t like something or if I think something is wack I simply don’t talk about it.  It goes back to the old saying that your mother told you (at least I hope she did) that if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all.

Also musical enjoyment is so dang subjective.  A song that really touches and effects me could be utter trash to the next person and vice versa.

What it all boils down to is that music has a profound effect on our lives.  We can remember where we were when we first heard certain songs.  Certain time periods in our lives have certain songs that served as like a soundtrack if you will.

With this in mind I plan on picking up new music and sharing what I feel really motivates me.  From time to time I will also share some of the classics that have helped me tremendously.


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